First Quarter of Round 2

When I first started this post, I thought I had a lot I wanted to talk about, but as it turns out it's not as much. So here goes...

Learning programming has been an interesting experience. I went to school for Game Design & Development, and learned some of the basics while I was there. I made projects in many different languages, in fact I would start a project in a new language just so that I could say I had used it. Because of this mentality, there's a lot of things that are more important to long term programming, but aren't fundamental that I never really understood. I also never had someone use the right words to explain some of these concepts.

I still don't entirely know what I want to do with my life, other than continue working in and around video games, but I know that I want to dive more deeply into programming. Hours are going to be weird with everything that's going on between personal life and family, but all I can do is keep plugging away and dedicate myself to growing my craft.

I haven't focused at all on the algorithms book, or really even on Unreal, but I've definitely learned a lot in the last 25 days taking this edX course. I'm going to work on finding more ways to enjoy my time learning as well, and not think of it as something that I'm doing just because I started this challenge.

One round down, a quarter of the way through the next, and I know my skills are better. I know they're still growing, and I know that I can do awesome things. Good luck to anyone else also working on bettering themselves, whether it be coding or any other self/personal improvement!

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