Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions


Final Fantasy Tactics has an extremely in-depth job system. You start out with only 2 job options, squire and chemist. As you level those two specific jobs you unlock more jobs. Each job has a specific set of other jobs that need to be leveled up before you can use them. This means that you have to figure out what jobs you want characters to be before you start leveling them too far. You can also use the abilities from one other job that you've previously learned. This adds more to the strategy as you figure out which combinations of abilities will allow you to deal the most damage and keep your team alive.

AoE screen darkening

Whenever a character uses an ability that has the chance to hit more than one character there is a screen darkening. The only things that stay at a normal brightness level are the character casting the spell, and any characters that will be hit by the spell. At first I thought it was just a really interesting design choice. But after realizing that I haven't seen it in any other turn based strategy RPG, including the sequels to this one. So now I'm wondering if it was actually some sort of hardware limitation.


Balthier is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy XII. When you first encounter him he makes an offhand remark about cameos. He is the only character with the Sky Pirate job. While the abilities are similar to those of a thief, he can use guns which makes him very valuable.

When you first run into Cloud Strife he's very confused about where he is and what he's doing there. He's the main character in Final Fantasy VII and has a lot of trouble remembering a lot of what had happened to him, at least in the beginning. He starts out at level 1, and in order to use his abilities you have to go and find the Materia Blade. This combination makes him not very useful, since you don't get him until late into the game.


Every time you start a battle you're given the win conditions. These are either to save a specific character or defeat a character or characters. They use the word defeat and I really like that. There's a lot of violence throughout this game, and lots of characters die, but the point is to defeat them not necessarily to kill them.


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