Feasts in WoW

Recently I realized that how I check what food or drink doesn't allow for eating a feast to affect your blood sugar level.

Bag and Spell Casting

Currently, in order to figure out what food or drink you're consuming, it waits for your character to cast a spell. This sounds sort of weird, but in the back end, eating something in your bag is equivalent to casting a spell. The other thing it waits for is for something to update in your bag. If the spell that was cast is either a food or a drink then the bag update becomes important.

When a food or drink spell is cast and the game registers that the contents of your bag changes, the add-on then checks to see what's different in your bags. It then takes that information and checks it against the list of food and drink items.

Feasts Break it All

This set of checks works for almost all of the food types, however for raiding there are feasts. When you start eating from a feast it doesn't change anything in your bags. Because of this, there's nothing for the add-on to use to check against my list of foods.

Feasts throw a huge wrench into the way the add-on works. Now that I have everything working and I'm just checking to make sure that my food list is correct, adding new functionality to check for feasts is next up.

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