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Everything is a Remix


[YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coGpmA4saEk" target="_blank)


June 25, 2012

The Gist

Copy, Transform, Combine. This is the basis of all creativity. Intelectual Property has overtaken the idea of the common good.

The Good

  1. There is an extremely well thought out argument.
  2. When he was talking about the videos his visuals were extremely helpful.
  3. For people who already use ideas from other places and just combine them in different ways it's nice to know other people have done it too.

The Bad

  1. There wasn't a link in the description to their sources page. I had to dig into their website.
  2. When he was talking about everything besides the videos the visuals were extremely distracting.
  3. It could be very disheartening for a person who thinks their ideas are original to realize that they might not be.

The Questions

  1. Does everyone purposely use other things the way George Lucas did, or is it done accidentally?
  2. Why did James Kirby make this video?
  3. How is it actually determined if code has been copied?

The Review

Everything is a Remix is an interesting way to show how many of our famous works, including videos, songs, and code, are all derivatives.
Half a dozen red roses and three white roses.

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