Depression Boss

I am constantly fighting depression. Up until recently I didn't really deal with it all that well, and certain things that I would do would make it spiral into longer periods of depression.

I also play a lot of World of Warcraft, and lately I've found that it helps me deal with my depression to think of it like a boss that I have to tank. There are different mechanics, and my depression boss has mechanics unlike anyone else's boss. I have to figure them out, and sometimes I need someone else to come along and taunt the boss for me. Someone who knows me well enough to keep my mind distracted, thinking about anything cheerful or funny.

Sometimes I suffer from a major debuff and it sends me into a longer, sometimes multi day, period of depression. These are the times I really need help. I've started building a team of people to be my safety net. The ones who can heal me when I'm down and can act as my co-tanks. Sometimes I just need to use a cooldown on myself, maybe it's just eating a food I really enjoy, or buying something small that I can appreciate. And I'm learning to recognize when those times are too.

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