December Game Challenge and the Start of 2015

For the first time since I started doing game challenges in October I wasn't able to complete the game I set out to. I'd love to blame it on my completely insane work schedule because of the holidays, or even to blame the way I've been treated during all those hours that I was there so people could have games for the holidays. And those things are also at fault, but it's also partially because I'm a wheenie. For the most part I play my games late at night before I fall asleep, however, in this game there was a portion that had a "scary" atmosphere. For any normal person they would have kept on plugging away, and that's what I did at first. But then when I was ready to go to bed that night, I couldn't because I was freaked out. So until I finished that portion of the game I was limited to playing in the morning before work/school and during my break at work.

I finally made it past the scary portion of the game, but definitely didn't have enough time to finish what was left. And while this month marks the beginning of a new year, I don't feel that I can leave this game unfinished. Instead of starting a new game for this month, I have decided to try and finish a couple that I've left hanging in the middle. First and foremost I'm going to complete Persona Q. Next I'm going to move on to Final Fantasy X which I think I am most of the way through. And if I have time at the end of the month I am going to try and finish Bravely Default which I'm not even half way through. If I don't get to it this month, I'm more than likely going to make it next months game. Instead of doing one big post at the end of this month to talk about each of the games, I'm going to do a short one after each game I finish.

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