Data Structures and Algorithm Fun

A major portion of the course is just him using example interview questions to go over the 7 steps for solving a problem. I decided that for now I would skip over that and come back to it after watching the portions on data structures and algorithms. It's mostly short descriptions of a few data structures and a few algorithms, but he also links notes to other videos and notes that you can read for more in depth information. Soon I'll be going back to the portion with all the examples using the problem solving steps, but first I'm going to go through and watch/read everything that is linked to in the data structure and algorithm portions.

I've also started reading Cracking the Coding Interview. This is broken up into two major sections, with each section being broken down into it's own chapters. The first "introductory" section is some basic interview advice as well as a timeline for preparing for interviews. The second portion is different interview problems and their solutions. I've only read the introductory section so far, I'm hoping to work through at least one programming problem a day. I'll be starting it on paper, and then when I feel like I'm as finished as I would be in an interview I'll type it up and compile.

I'm trying to get in as much practice as is possible without making myself crazy, so I may not hit the one problem a day to start out with, but I'm going to try my hardest.

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