Interests and the Boring parts

  • The geometry unit 4.G, and the geometric measurement portion of 4.MD are units that interest me.
  • Unit 4.MD other than the geometric measuring portion is uninteresting for me. The operations in base 10 from 4.NBT
  • Geometric Measurement 4.MD Ideas
    1. An alligator who has to open it's mouth to at least a certain angle to eat different objects
      • Have 2 conveyor belts if it's too big for the alligator to eat you have to move it to the one that doesn't lead to it.
      • Lose points if you open too far(to prevent people from just always opening all the way)
    2. A player starts at the origin and has to turn to what angle they think will be large enough to avoid an object.
  • Geometry Unit 4.G Ideas
    1. Move your character around a shape to show the line of symmetry.
    2. Pick the dots to create a given shape.
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