Cross Stitching Ideas

I follow a lot of people on Twitter who do artwork related to WoW. They do it for many different reasons. I love looking at all of it, but it also makes me wish I was any good at art. I'm really bad at taking something that's in my head and putting it down on the paper. I'm pretty decent at taking something else that's been drawn and recreating it though. While I may not be good at drawing, I am good at making cross stitches. All of these artists I follow on Twitter have inspired me to do WoW related art in my own way.

I've decided to start taking things from within WoW and recreating them as a cross stitch. The first thing I'm going to do, mostly because I feel it's one of the most simple but also because I'm Horde for life, is the Horde emblem. I've created a pixelized version of it, and now I just need to replace the pixels with some sort of image to make it easier to tell how many stitches I need to do. After I finish making the Horde emblem, I'm going to work on the Alliance emblem and all of the different class icons.


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