Cook, Serve, Delicious!

The Game

Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a tycoon style game. But at the same time it's different. Normally you don't have a ton of control over things in a tycoon style game. In this game not only do you decide the types of food you're going to sell. You prepare them throughout the day for the customers. Getting orders wrong gives you angry customers and you likely won't get as many the next day because of it. You also have to decide what types of food you want on the menu based on the weather and other factors.

Tips and Tricks

  • When serving soda you can put the ice in even if you've poured the soda.
  • You can also hit left to move from cola to diet.
  • When you get a new food, take a couple minutes to practice it before putting it on the menu. You'll be more likely to keep a perfect combo if you already know what's coming. The same goes for after you upgrade a food.
  • If a food doesn't require prep after cooking, you can serve while you're doing other things, including chores.
  • Fill out your menu before starting to worry too much about buzz buffs and debuffs.
    While having a big menu is important, it's easier to make money when you aren't doing chores as often. Don't forget to buy equipment to help with them.
  • Reading through the ingredients requested helps guarentee you get it right instead of thinking you know based on the name of the dish.
  • If you pick the wrong vegetable while making soup don't chop, just hit the correct vegetable and you're safe.
  • Get a tip jar ASAP. Not only is it needed to upgrade your restaraunt, it's basically free money.


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