Common Organizational Issues


  • Richard Fontana
  • Bradley M. Kuhn
  • Eben Moglen
  • Matthew Norwood
  • Daniel B. Ravicher
  • Karen Sandler
  • James Vasile
  • Aaron Williamson


A Legal Issues Primer for Open Source and Free Software Projects - Chapter 3


[A Legal Issues Primer for Open Source and Free Software Projects](" target="_blank)


June 4, 2008

The Gist

This chapter provides a brief overview of organizational issues, and how you might go about choosing if you want to create your own organization for your project or try to join another organization with it.

The Good

  1. Reiteration that this is not legal advice.
  2. Simple to read.
  3. It has a seemingly straightforward guide to incorporating.

The Bad

  1. This chapter just addresses the legal issues of having an organization and not any of the social ones.
  2. The information in this chapter is even more localized than the other chapters, dealing mostly with New York's requirements when other chapters talked about the entire US.
  3. There still aren't really any examples.

The Questions

  1. Why are digital board meetings not counted as the same as a board meeting in person.
  2. What are some examples of different successful open source organizations?
  3. How does dealing with incorporating or other organizational things when not all of the developers are from a single country?


This chapter contains a lot of good, although basic, information about how to become a corporation if needed. It also talks about some of the different reasons that you may or may not want to do so. Over all it is a very generalized chapter, and only goes into some specifics, such as how NY state deals with out of state corporations.
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