Coding on a Prayer

I'm halfway there, 50 / 100 days of coding so far. I totally started writing this before I made it to the halfway point, but that felt like a good spot to do a bigger brain dump of my feelings, so I've been working on getting it all down here in this post.

I went into this challenge with a couple of goals, mainly to learn more about unit testing/automated testing, and secondly to get some more work done on a couple of projects I had sort of let go to the wayside. What I didn't think would happen is I'd remember how much I love programming.

I've picked up and set aside programming many times since I first started learning it. I've learned some basics and made some projects, but never really devoted the time it deserved to really learn it. This challenge has been one of the best things I've done. I'm still not sure if I want to pursue programming as a profession, but I for sure want to continue getting better at it. I want to keep going with it as a hobby, and continue releasing things for people to enjoy and use.

Going into the second half I want to spend some more time on automated testing, as I dove into it at the beginning, then started getting ideas from different tutorials on how to build my project and stopped writing tests. AngleGators is at a pretty decent spot now, it's pretty much back to where it was when I initially released it on iOS. Next steps are going to be setting it up on both iOS and Android for the beta, some refactoring for testing, and some art and UI tweaks. I'm also hoping to add some sound effects into the game.


I'm also going to be continuing on my algorithms journey and picking up a couple of other projects. I like being able to jump between projects when I'm getting frustrated with one, and knowing that I can come back after a few days of a break has been helping a lot. I feel this will be really important now with the current state of AngleGators.

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