Coding -> GameDev

I recently started a second round of the 100 Days of Code challenge. I was giving myself more of a breather and not requiring it every day. I kept up the programming for about a third of the time, but then I let life get in the way. And getting off track really through me off. I've also been working more often on game projects which isn't always straight programming, so I don't count that towards my challenge. Because of all this, I'm restarting/updating my challenge. Today I'm starting on a 100 Days of Game Dev challenge.

I'm following the same rules as the 100 Days of Code. I'll work on my project for at least an hour a day. If I miss a day I'll add it on to the end, but never miss more than a day in a 2 week period. This work will also be outside of my normal work duties. I'll be describing whatever work I'm doing and tweeting about it, as well as posting on my Facebook. It will all be chronicled on the GameDev Round 1 tab of this sheet.

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