Chrono Trigger and My next Game Challenge

While I really enjoyed Chrono Trigger, there was one detail of the story that every time it popped into my brain really ruined the immersion. Every time you revisit a time period time has moved on from the last point in the story, but different amounts of time pass between each. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever for almost no time to have passed in the present but enough time to fight a war has passed in 600 A.D.

While my immersion was broken many times, the game itself was really good. I have only gotten one ending, but I did do all six of the side quests for the ultimate equipment. For now I will satisfy myself by finding videos of the other endings online, however at some point I will go back and do a new game + in order to find the rest of the endings. Ordinarily I wouldn't do this but there are some special extras in the Playstation version that you can only get to by seeing each of the different endings.

I had also started Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright before I started this months challenge. After finishing the challenge I took what time I had left to finish this game. I really enjoyed this crossover, the story is extremely well written in my opinion. Even though there are times when you know what will happen next, there are others when you're not entirely sure because everything you've known to be true up to a point is false. It was also a very dark story which is quite different from what I was expecting when I first started it. While I enjoyed both the Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright portions of the game I definitely enjoyed the court room scenes more than the investigations and puzzles.

Another game that I am most of the way through is Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Although I got to play a lot of this while working at Warner Bros. I am really excited to finally play through all of it. I've done almost all of the side quests now and plan to try and finish it up in the next couple of days.

I have already picked out which game I'm going to play for next month's challenge. I am going to be playing through Tales of the Abyss. This is another game that I have started at least twice but I haven't ever finished it. Hopefully since there have been a lot of major release games pushed out of October I will have enough time to finish it.

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