Chronicles of Lha: Hellfire Assault

We're beginning our siege of Hellfire Citadel. Gul'dan must be stopped. Waiting at the entrance is a small group of enemies. We engage, focusing on the one that looks like their leader. She takes what looks to be a major injury and flees the battlefield. All the while though more soldiers are being sent in.

We keep fighting, focusing on taking out the bigger soldiers and siege weapons as they roll out. Hours have past and there seems to be no end to their numbers. Some of the soldiers are able to make repairs to the siege weapons during the engagement. Not stopping to look and see where we may be. These soldiers are easy to take down, they don't pay enough attention to keep themselves out of trouble.

Others are able to turn into demons. These are some of the worst of their troops. If you don't take them down quick enough they change into a demon form and seem to cause us more injuries at a time.

The enemy is retreating. I'm not sure why. Everything seemed the same to me. Are they running low on forces? Or did we do something to scare them? I'm glad the fight is over. Now we can rest before we face the next enemy. This will be a long campaign, but the enemy will fall.

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