For the Alliance?

Going Alliance

I've had Alliance characters in the past, but I've never played at max level before, and I've definitely never paid attention to the storyline. I've been hearing all throughout the expansion that the Alliance storyline was much better than the Horde, and so far I have to agree. It could very well just be the difference in thought process between the Horde and Alliance, which has always been, but it's a nice change of pace to be trying to save people more than trying to exact revenge or just starting a war for wars sake.

Tides of Darkness

I also started reading one of the WoW books the past couple of days. I've slowly been trying to read through them to understand more of the history since I've never played the Warcraft RTS(Real Time Strategy) games. This particular one so far is very much from an Alliance perspective so that could be why I'm in the mood to level my Alliance character. It's pretty good so far, still not as good as the one I've read by Christie Golden. It takes place not long after the Horde initially crosses over into Azeroth.


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