The Hello World Program

Today while looking for some information on how to make a portion of a website do what I needed I came across a website called The Hello World Program. This website has a collection of short kid show style videos related to computers. Needless to say I did not find the information that I needed, but I decided to dig around and see if I might learn something new. They have four subsections of videos: Learn Computer Science, Learn Linux, Learn Web Development, and Learn Python. I've recently started trying to learn more about Linux, so Learn Linux is where I started.

Even though the show was definitely made for kids there were actually some useful pieces of information in there. I've used a terminal before for some basic things, but they actually go fairly in depth into some of the different commands you can use to move and find your way around your file structure. I was enjoying learning new things by watching silly videos when I ran into a couple of tutorials that weren't videos. I'm not entirely sure that I remember as much of what I read as I did when I was watching the videos. Something about how silly they are makes it stick out in my mind more. I don't have time to read through/watch the rest of the Linux tutorials, but I'm definitely going to slowly make my way through them as well as some of the others.


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