Dungeons and "Old School" Raids

Mythic Dungeons

This past weekend there was an event going on in WoW that gave your character extra reputation with certain factions for doing dungeons on heroic or mythic difficulty. There was also a quest associated with this that gave your character a high level piece of gear for completing 4 of them on mythic difficulty. I hadn't ever tried mythic before but wanted the piece of gear. I talked my boyfriend and one of my raiding buddies into grouping up with me. We had to pick up a couple of extra dps to round out the group but then we headed out to the first dungeon. I was definitely not expecting the amount of damage that I was taking. Once I got into the swing of things it got better, but it definitely wasn't easy. I actually had to try to play the game which isn't something you have to do when you go through dungeons on heroic, so it was a nice change of pace.


WarcraftMUM are messed up Mondays. A small group of people in the twitter community get together and do old raid content for pets, mounts, and transmog gear(gear to change what your current gear looks like). I had participated the week before and had a ton of fun so I was on the lookout for it this week. Everyone was having a good time and talking about randomness when I noticed I had a pending friend request. It was from Shappi who I had the wonderful opportunity to meet at GDC(Game Developers Conference) this past March. We had been raiding for at least an hour and I hadn't really realized she was in the group until then. I'm excited to have here as a friend in WoW now and hope to hang out with her in game more.


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