Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight was one of the two projects that I spent the most time on during my time at Warner Bros. I unfortunately never had the opportunity to play the game, however I did spend a lot of time dealing with the in-game assets.

For Batman: Arkham Knight I helped with the legal approval of all the game assets. The part that I dealt with was a three part process. First we had to screen the asset images that we received. This screening helped to find things that are not a legal issue, such as stop signs and traffic cones. These types of items aren't issues because they are universal and made by many different companies. Things like character design, weapons, and vehicles all needed approval. These assets are all copyrightable.

The next part of this was meeting with the Marketing Approval Manager and gaining the approval. When questions arise about a particular asset, it get's sent back to the developer for clarification. Otherwise the assets received approval.

The final part of this was tracking all the approved assets. To do this I took all the images I had of an asset and put them in a folder. That folder was then linked to in a spreadsheet that contained more information about the asset. If there were questions about the asset I marked it as pending, and would update accordingly.

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