The Game

Arcantek is a table-top RPG. It was created for an independent study credit in College. A group of students and I had the idea to create it because more often than not, table-top RPG’s have a very steep learning curve. We did our best, throughout the time we worked on it, to make it fit into this criteria.

However, that wasn’t the only part of the project. We were basically creating an entire universe from scratch and then giving it a set of rules. Because of this we decided that once again we wanted to foray into something that’s not done often in the table-top world. We decided to set our game in a cyber punk setting.

This project was all about design. We spent a lot of time planning out exactly what we wanted, and then expanded on it to create a fairly easy to learn table-top RPG. I helped out a little bit with every part of it, however my biggest contribution was in designing the different factions that a character can be a part of.

Doing the faction design was an interesting experience for me as I had mostly on done programming since coming to RIT. It was the first time in awhile that I had done any sort of creative writing since high school. And after creating the story for each of the different factions I then had to come up with reasons for why you would choose one faction over another. After I came up with a few different bonuses or losses that your character would experience for being a part of a faction, I then had to identify which faction they would go with and balance everything between the factions so that people wouldn't always choose a specific faction.

This site showcases some of the projects I've worked on and includes a blog about my passion - games.