Answers to Final Questions - Biz Leg Foss

  1. When does code you create become copyrighted?

As soon as you save it in a "tangible" location

  1. If you could wave a magic wand, and open source any piece of proprietary software, what software would you choose?

World of Warcraft

  1. If the software above was open sourced, would it’s company remain stable? How would the company continue to make money?

The company would still be able to make money from subscription fees for the servers they run.

  1. What do you feel like was the most beneficial thing to learn in the class?

The OSI Business models. Having open source software is important for both learning, and so the wheel isn't constantly being reinvented, but money is still also important.

  1. Explain the some of the motivations a company may have to open source software.

Because so many people are looking at and helping with the code base, it is more likely to be more secure. It also allows for a lot more customizability.

  1. Are there any changes you would suggest making to the profile template? What parts did you find most interesting or important?

I think it would have been more interesting if the profile focused more on the companies, while having a little bit of information about the projects they contribute to is useful, it would have been awesome to spend more time talking about each companies specific business model.

  1. If you could have spent more time, say an extra week, on any topic, which would you have liked to cover more in depth?

We didn't actually get to cover them, but I would have loved to have covered NDA's and Non Competes

  1. Why are you using license insert license X here for your open source project?

My current major open source projects are AngleGators(GPLv3) and WoW Diabetes(MIT). AngleGators used a quickstart that was under the GPLv3, there was no reason to try and hassle with having the ability to use something else. WoW Diabetes was licensed by another student, and while I have the right to change it Blizzard requires all add-ons be open source, so there really isn't a ton of reason to do so.

  1. If you would suggest a video to be watched as part of this course, what would it be?

Lessig: Laws that Choke Creativity

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