Animal Crossing New Leaf

I recently picked Animal Crossing New Leaf back up. It had been over a year since the last time I had played, and all of my villagers were really worried about me. Since it had been a long time since I last played, my town had a lot of weeds around. Removing these weeds was my first order of business. While doing this I talked to any villagers I saw to let them know I was ok.

In the next few days of playing I fell back into old habits. If it was after 5pm I would go out to the island to catch bugs. There's three or four bugs out on the island that are worth the most money, that I used to always catch. If it's before 5pm I spend some time talking to my villagers and gathering all of the fruit around my town. While gathering fruit I would also make sure to find the four fossils to see if I could find any that my museum is missing.

Animal Crossing is an interesting game. It's a simulation game and I'm not entirely sure why it's so enjoyable. I think part of it is the idea of being able to collect all of the different sets of furniture and showing them off in your house. This incarnation of Animal Crossing also allows you to share your house with other people when you walk near them and both players have their 3DS' turned on.

Another thing that contributes to this game being interesting is having to pay off loans in order to make your house bigger. Making your house bigger allows you to show off more furniture which in turn makes you want to make it even bigger.

There's also another collection aspect to the game in the museum. Your town's museum only shows off things that you have donated. In order to complete the museum you have to give up one of each type of fish, bug, fossil, and art pieces. The bugs and fish only require you to pay attention to the time of year. The fossils are a bit of a pain because you just have to get lucky. The art pieces are the most interesting part of the collection in this game. Once a week a NPC named Crazy Redd shows up in a tent. He has four different pieces of art based off art in the real world. You then have to figure out which one is real, by determining which doesn't have anything wrong with it.


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