The Project

AngleGators is a game created for the XO laptops. These laptops are a part of the one laptop per child initiative. It is an educational game based on the 4th grade math curriculum, for the state of New York. The game is meant to help teach angles at the 4th grade level.

The Gameplay

In the game, you play as an alligator. Your job is to open the alligators mouth wide enough to eat each fruit as it comes across the screen to you. Having your mouth at the perfect angle gets you the most points. If your mouth isn't wide enough you lose a "tooth", loose all of them and it's game over.

What I Did

I created the initial gameplay designs and through collaboration with two other students implemented the gameplay interactions and the user interface. After graduating from college I ported the game from Python to Swift. I continued work on the project to bring the game to a stable, feature complete, project. Afterwards I released it on iOS.

Where To Get It

Python / OLPC Version

You can download the game from GitHub. Because it was created for a specific piece of hardware it only runs on computers running the Linux operating system.

iOS Version

The iOS version is available through the App Store on any iOS device that is running iOS 7.1 or later.

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