AngleGators iOS Conversion

One of my last and favorite projects from college was a game called AngleGators. It was created for the XO laptops. These are a part of the One Laptop per Child Initiative. Because the game was created for this specific platform the best I can do to show it off is to include a link to a video of the game. I decided that I want a better way to do that, so I'm porting it to iOS.

I think conversion is a better word for what I'm doing. I'm rebuilding the game from the ground up, and I'm going to finish it off as well. When we were working on it for school, we didn't have enough time to really make it fun. It was just sort of a start to the project. While it was possible to lose, it was also possible to let the game go on for forever by opening the mouth all the way open. It was also really easy because the current angle of the alligator's mouth, as well as the angle needed to successfully eat the fruit, are always visible.

After I make those initial changes, I'm going to get people to start play-testing. Being able to get feedback on the game will be essential for me to learn more from this game than just a new programming language.

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