Analogue: A Hate Story

While playing Bravely Default I got to a point where I needed to grind out some more levels and I needed a break from doing that.

I've been meaning to play through Analogue: A Hate Story for awhile. I really love the way the game is written. You go back and forth between having to interact with a computer through a terminal and being able to use a graphical interface. Much like in a normal computer there are some things that just aren't possible through the graphical interface.

While this game is mostly a visual novel, it also has some puzzle aspects to it within both the terminal interface and the graphical one.

World Building

The history within the game is fascinating. They almost have an opposite history. In the distant past it was looked favorably for a woman to be independent. Whereas now they act more as in our own history's ancient times. This is shown through the story of one of the two AI characters that you meet. She is put into stasis in the hopes that medicine in the future will be able to save her. However, when she is pulled out of stasis, it seems to her that people have gotten less intelligent, and their medicine has gotten worse as well. I'm curious if this, the loss of intelligence and the "reversion" to older traditions, is caused by the fact that they are part of a space colony.

The End

While I know writing good endings can be hard, and multiple good endings is even more difficult, I felt like the endings in this game were extremely abrupt. You spend the entire game pretty much reading a few different characters life stories, and then it's just over. I wanted to learn more about them, I wanted the ability to speak with the two main characters more.

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