A Quarter of the Way Through

So far I have been programming for 25 out of the 100 days for the 100 Days of Code Challenge. I missed one day, but easily made it up with an extra coding session the next day.

I've completed 2 full game tutorials from the Unity 3D tutorials section, learned how to test touch controls using my iPhone plugged into my PC, and watched a lot of the other videos they have relating to different things. I'm well on the way to a playable version of AngleGators, although the first playable won't implement touch controls in the same way they were originally. And I've also begun my journey through an Algorithms book to help solidify some of my basic coding skills.

While originally I thought I'd only be able to code for half an hour or so, I've hit at least an hour with almost every session. Most night I code for longer than that, and it feels good being able to stretch these muscles again. It's also brought a sort of regiment to my weekdays, as I have to actively try for the time to get my programming done.

I'm really glad I decided to take this challenge on, and can't wait to see where I get in terms of project completion, and skill level.

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