2 weeks and over 14 hours later...

Recently I started a coding challenge called 100 Days of Code. You can read more about it here. Originally I thought I'd only code for about half an hour each day, instead of the hour the challenge calls for, but once you start digging into a coding challenge, it's really easy to keep going and stop paying attention to time until you get to a point you're frustrated.

When I've gotten frustrated, I walk away from that problem and look at something else instead. Having a couple of different projects and challenges that I'm working on is helping me so I don't get overly frustrated with any one thing.

It's been difficult some nights, especially after long days at work and my allergies being crazy. So far I've only missed one day though, and I spent some extra time the day after making up for it. I'm going to continue doing my best not to miss days.

I'm already feeling like I understand Unit tests a lot better, and the main project I've been working on, I've been working to do Test Driven Development. There's still a lot that I want to learn about automated testing and how I can utilize it moving forward for all of my projects, but I'm excited to feel like I've already leveled up my programming skills some in the two weeks.

It can be hard when you start to feel like you're not gaining more knowledge/skill in anything you're learning, so I'm going to keep at it for the rest of the 100 days, and check back in with a larger post soon! :)

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