100 Days of Game Dev

Today was my 100th day of doing game development. It wasn't quite in a row, as I took breaks when I needed to, but I got a lot of stuff done throughout. I didn't really set myself any goals to start out, but had some different projects that I was working on. While I chronicled my work every day, I also made sure to add how long I worked and on which project which allowed me to visualize things a little bit more.

Time per day spent on Game Dev
% of time spent per project

As you can see from the data above, I spread myself out between many different projects, but have learned a lot from each.

The Projects

I haven't worked much on the Stardew Valley mod, but it's functional as long as you're willing to have the mod console window visible. It needs some UI work, but that's been lower on my list.

I've done a ton of work on getting SVUI into a better state, and organizing the work that's left to do. This mod has a decent number of players who use it, so it's often higher on my priority list.

The dating sim, very recently became higher on my priority list as we decided to enter it in a contest. To do this we had to have a fully playable demo, which I think turned out well, but isn't something we want to share widely just yet.

Mrs. Moneybags Haunted House started out much higher on my priority list, but has been deprioritized for other projects. It's still going to be a thing. Now that the dating sim is in a better spot, and  once I finish up the autosplitter for Overcooked! 2, it will come back around for a lot more work. I managed to get it into a decent spot before taking a break from it, so I'm excited to get back to work on it.

The only project that I've had in progress that I didn't spend time on, was AngleGators. It's been in varying states of done for quite some time, but I really want to finish it right. So this is also going to become more of a priority.

Going Forward

Moving forward, instead of doing a challenge, I'm just going to work on projects mostly during the week. While it's been good for my morale to work on these challenges, I also am noticing a decline in my will power near the end of them. To help combat this I'm going to move to posting once a week on what I've been doing, and keeping as much of my work as possible to on weekdays.

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