100 Days 100+ Hours of Code

Today I completed my final "hour" of coding in my 100 days of code challenge. I say that in quotes because I started by thinking I'd only do half an hour, and ended with many days of over an hour easily.

Some days it was more difficult than others to sit down at my computer and code. Many of those days revolved around new games being released, many others just from having an exhausting day of travel or work. I ended up missing a few days, but added them on to the end for the 100 total days.

Although I didn't completely fulfill my goals with the challenge, I've learned a ton. I also started on a project, codednamed Project Buzz, I hadn't even concieved prior to the challenge and have made a lot of headway on it.

Goals and Where I Ended

Goal Status
Learn more about/how to create unit tests I learned a lot about unit tests and writing them, as well as how to write them for Unity Games. I know there's still more to be learned but I feel much more comfortable with the concept.
Work towards the completion of a rewrite of AngleGators (So it can be available on iOS and Android) The AngleGators rewrite isn't complete yet, but it is stable and in a good spot.
Work towards the completion of a second project I'm working on with a couple of other friends. The second project hasn't really gotten off the ground yet.

I really enjoyed the challenge and am planning on starting a second round. I won't be as strict about it being 100 days in a row since I have a couple of vacations planned during the time period, but look out for more updates when I start about the new goals I set and my progress along the way. I feel like I've learned a lot over the past few months and am looking forward to continue learning more about programming and furthering my skills in this particular hobby.

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